Off-grid CCTV & Intruder Detection

Off-side CCTV: Reinventing Site Security with S.A.M

Revolutionising 24/7 off-grid security with advanced intrusion detection across Cardiff & Bristol


An estimated 28% of all business premises had been a victim of any crime when asked in a survey during the last 12 months. The most common type of crime was theft (15%), followed by burglary (9%), vandalism (9%) and assaults and threats (7%).

*Source 2023

Worried about high manned guarding costs or inflexible CCTV?

Manned guarding can be expensive, involving personnel costs, training, and benefits. This can be a significant ongoing expense for businesses.

Human Error:
Guards are susceptible to human error, including lapses in attention or judgment. In some cases, guards may become complacent, leading to security vulnerabilities.

Limited Coverage:
Manned guarding is limited to the areas where guards are physically present. Large or remote sites may require multiple guards, increasing costs.

Limited Deterrence:
Surveillance cameras deter some, but not determined intruders who know the blind spots. Installation and adjustments are costly and time-consuming.

Introducing S.A.M: The Smart Security Revolution

Traditional site security measures are often cumbersome, expensive, and lack the agility needed to protect your assets effectively. That's where S.A.M steps in, redefining temporary, efficient, 24-hour site security solutions. S.A.M is at the forefront of innovation, leading the charge towards off-grid, high-tech intrusion detection and alerting technologies that ensure your site remains safe, day and night.

S.A.M isn't just a security system; it's a comprehensive solution designed to adapt to the evolving challenges of safeguarding your site. We understand that security needs change, and S.A.M is here to meet those needs efficiently.

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Why Choose S.A.M?

Advanced Detection

S.A.M employs state-of-the-art intrusion detection technology, capable of identifying threats with remarkable precision. Whether it's an unauthorized entry or suspicious activity, our system is always on guard.


Your security is our top priority. S.A.M is backed by our approved alarm receiving centre, where our vigilant team ensures rapid responses to any security incidents, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year!

Off-grid technology

Unlike traditional CCTV systems that rely on a power source, S.A.M operates off-grid, offering flexibility and eliminating the need for complex installations or relocations.

Instant Monitoring

Our system provides you with immediate access to real-time monitoring through the S.A.M app, ensuring you are always in control and informed.


S.A.M's cost-effective approach means you get superior security without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to expensive manned guarding or CCTV installations.

Versatile Application

S.A.M is suitable for various settings, including construction sites, sports grounds, farms, festivals, domestic homes, shopping centres, and vacant properties.

Trusted by leading brands.


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Recent Feedback

"Our no1 go-to security company"

"Dario Security are without doubt our no1 go-to security company for our new build/redevelopment sites within the South Wales region. The whole team make sure our sites are monitored 24/7 as required, communicates via internal comms systems, with complete courtesy and professionalism at all times. Work ethic and pride is 1 of their many attributes which is certainly pleasant / a rarity to see in 2023."

Mike Hennessey

Construction Director - ASD Build

"Very pro-active and highly recommended"

"Fantastic security company! Warren and Cole are always very professional and extremely helpful when advising or providing all my security needs. Very pro-active and would highly recommend to anyone looking for security. We look forward to working with Dario Security for all my future projects!"

Mark Grandfield

Senior Site Manager - Evolve Infrastructure

"We have no hesitation in recommending Dario Security"

"Dario Security provide a professional, inconspicuous and efficient service which is a testament to the efficacy of the team and the strong reputation they have created. We have no hesitation in recommending Dario Security as the first choice for all security needs."


Fabco Group

"We would certainly recommend using Dairo Security"

"During a December team meeting the requirement for security cover over the Christmas period was identified. Following a message from Dario Deabreu on Linkedin offering security services, we made contact to discuss our requirements. Dario picked up the call and was quick to act upon our request immediately sending his sons to the site to review our requirements. Cole and Warren came to the site and completed a diligent inspection with our operational staff, and discussed our concerns at length, and formulated a plan to ensure the site would be secure over the Christmas period. The works were completed, and the site was kept secure. We would certainly recommend using Dairo Security based upon the professional courteous service we received. " We would certainly recommend using Dairo Security based upon the professional courteous service we received."

Michael Fleming

Quantity Surveyor - Kier

"First-rate attitude and attention"

"We would like to commend Dario Security regarding the “first-rate” attitude and attention that they have shown in connection to the security services that they provide. They have shown themselves to be very professional, courteous and flexible in relation to meeting the challenging needs of the Reserve Forces & Cadets Association for Wales. We would not hesitate to recommend the services of Dario Security to others and we, of course, look forward to a continued working relationship with them into the future."

Andrew Warren

Reserve Forces & Cadets Association of Wales

"We would thoroughly recommend Dario Security"

"On behalf of the team at DS Holding and in particular those at the Goodsheds in Barry, we would like to thank yourself and your security company over the last six months with regards to the diligent and often challenging situations you have met during this pandemic. Your staff have been more that courteous to ourselves especially with regards to working alongside the public and have shown a willingness to cooperate at all levels. 

We would thoroughly recommend Dario Security and are happy to chat to anyone looking to working alongside them"

Simon Baston

Loft Co

No More Excuses: Secure Your Site and Peace of Mind Today

Ignoring the future of CCTV & intruder detection is a gamble you can't afford. Inaction may leave your site vulnerable to threats, and the consequences can be severe. 

Choose the cost-effective alternative that offers enhanced flexibility of installation. Take action now to protect what matters most – your security, peace of mind, and your budget.

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